Q: Does the cleaning staff bring their own supplies?

A: We focus on recurring cleanings so we encourage you to have your own supplies. If you perhaps just moved in and are located around Yonge/Bloor, the cleaner can bring basic supplies for an additional $25. This does not include specialty products or equipment such as vacuums, mops, brooms, ladders etc.

You are always welcome to have the cleaners use your supplies for free!

Q: Do you have to be home during cleaning?

A: You can choose to be home during your cleaning, in fact it’s recommended for your first few cleanings so you can meet the cleaner and get comfortable with them. If you have other things to do then you can always leave your keys in one of our lockboxes.

Q: How do you exchange keys?

A: It is your responsibility to ensure timely access to your unit. Accepted methods of exchanging keys include: pickup from concierge, lock boxes, direct exchange in lobby of building.

If you are providing a lock box, you will need to show the cleaner the location and how to open the lock box.

If keys are not made available at time of scheduled cleaning and we cannot gain access in a timely manner – we will resort to our cancellation policy and/ or you may be charged for waiting time.

Q: Can I give my cleaner a spare key?

A: Yes, but if you decide to leave a key with one of our cleaners, it is entirely at your own discretion. Rosie and it’s cleaners are not liable or responsible for any damages or loss of property as a result of unauthorized entry. Collecting the key is also your responsibility and is done through a subsequent booking with the same cleaner. We cannot facilitate transfer of keys between cleaners as their schedules and service locations are always changing. If you decide to give a key to a cleaner, it must be properly labelled with your full name and address via a key tag.

Q: What is the recommended appointment length?

A: Before your first cleaning we will contact you for a checklist of tasks you’d like completed. The cleaner will get through as much of the list within your appointment time. Recommend times are indicated below, however for your first cleaning you should add and extra 1/2 hour.

1 bedroom and 1 washroom = 1 hour
2 bedrooms and 2 washroom = 2 hours

Q: Are the cleaners employees of Rosie?

A: All our cleaners are independent and self-employed. We act as a referral service to help connect you with the cleaner.

Q: What is your lateness policy?

A: If the cleaner arrives at your place at the scheduled time and you are not home or have not provided them with a means of entering your unit, then you will still be charged as the cleaner would otherwise lose income for the day. If however the cleaner encounters travel delays or for whatever reason arrives late to your appointment, you will not be charged for this time.

Q: Can I extend my booking?

A: Extensions are dealt with on a case by case basis and must be confirmed by the representative who booked your appointment. The cleaners are required to end the appointments on time in order to ensure that their later appointments are not delayed.

Q: What is your cancellation policy?

A: If you cancel your appointment within 48 hours of your appointment, then you will be charged $8/h. This is to help compensate the cleaner as they lose out on revenue they would have otherwise received. If you cancel with more than 48 hours to your appointment then there will be no charge as we can likely find another client to take your spot. If we cancel on you, which can occur from time to time due to unforeseen events such as illness, and it's within 48 hours of your appointment, then we will credit you $5/h on your next appointment.