Cleaning services for Downtown Toronto

Why Rosie?

$30 to 40 / hour
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Tailored to condo living

Your bachelor might only need 1 hour of cleaning or you might just need a touch up in the washroom and kitchen. With Rosie you can book for as little as 1 hour or more in 30min increments.

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Set it and forget it

Book on a recurring basis and forget about having to remember to schedule an appointment. Just enjoy a place that’s always clean.

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Social Purpose

Rosie aims to give the cleaners as much as possible. We only take $5 per hour and often give that back as well through bonuses and referral commission.

Rosie ~ Cleaning Services ~ $30 to 40/h
Free your time so you can focus on more important things

Rosie is a new cleaning referral service focused specifically on condos, providing only the amount of cleaning you need at an affordable price. Let our independent cleaners clean your condo so you can get out and enjoy the city. While most other cleaning services have minimum times of 3 hours per visit, Rosie groups appointments in one building together so that you can book for as little as one hour at the same low rate our competitors charge for much longer visits.

Give us a call or email us and let us take care of the dirty work so you can get on with the more important things in life.

Phone: (647) 725-7891
Twitter: @RosieServicesCo

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